Christie D Series (.38:1) Ultra Short Throw Lens

MSRP $5,999.00

​The Christie® Ultra Short Throw (UST) lens allows you to position your projector as close as possible to your screen or display, with a 0.38:1 throw ratio.

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Your audience can stand in front of your projected content without interrupting the light path or casting a shadow. You can also use the UST lens to create a cleaner and more seamless presentation area with no obstruction to seating, maximizing your meeting space. Match the agility of the UST lens with the power of Christie D Series projection solutions for large-scale, high-impact visuals in small spaces, retaining high-brightness for all resolutions.

  • 0.38:1 lens throw ratio
  • All-glass lenses offer better focus and thermal stability compared to other materials on the market, even during warm ups and cool downs
  • Adjustable focus, lens shift and tilt give you increased image control
  • Optical axis shift: Up to 85% vertically and 1:1 horizontally
  • Excellent light throughput with an F No. of 2.0
  • Works with the entire line of D Series projectors
  • Includes a metal support mount bracket for increased stability